Photography 1on1

1on1  Photography Tips

If you are interested in learning basic photography tips and tricks then this information is for you. Photography hobbysts know that in order to take a good photo you need to have the necessary skills, some of the skills are gained by practicing photography and the others are gained by learning from mentors, reading articles and photography journals or blogs. There are no such thing as to “overlearning” in photography, ofcourse you need the experience, without experience you can’t hope to take good photos,  when you start in the photography business the first mistakes you learn from are the most important ones and if there is no one to correct you when you do such mistakes, then that continues and becomes a habit of doing the mistake without knowing that you are doing it. The tips and skills we are about to discuss are used by many professional photographers, but are not hard to be learned and applied by a novice who is just starting hist photography carrier.

Photography Tips for Landscapes

First, keep your eyes on the colors in the picture. If you snap a picture of a lake against a blue sky, that’s

Taking pictures of landscapes

Taking pictures of landscapes are common among the photographers, usually they take such pictures when they are traveling or on vacation, if they want to make those pictures to look better they use those methods:

  1. Keeping the color of the eyes in the picture, if you are taking the picture somehwere in the fields or near the water the color green or blue is everywhere. One of the main aspects of a pro photographer is waiting till the time is right – getting the picture on a particular hour, when the sun is in the right place.
  2.  Using photoshop – photoshop is a great picture editing program that you can use to edit the pictures that you take, it can be used to change the aspects of colors too, so you can easly edit.

Taking pictures of portraits

If you are a photographer who likes taking portrait pictures, don’t forget to use some creativity in the settings and all the poses that you chose. A lot of pro photographers go by the rule – “simple is good”, you can experiment a bit and don’t keep the things too simple. Using animals in the pictures can also be fun for the owner and for you too, if the person that you are taking portrait of has a pet, you should definitely get the pet involved. When taking pictures don’t forget to use different angles with your camera and don’t keep your subject still, move the person to many different places in order to keep the things interesting, only that way you can take great pictures.