Photography – art and passion

Photography, like all art or craft can be a broad subject. Dividing it into categories helps it be much easier to speak about different methods to taking photos, and it can make deciphering  of photography and photographic concepts simpler.

Although digital cameras only started some time ago, the technology that brought on this concept started in the past decades ago. It started through the mid-1970 when Kodak started to produce image-sensors that could actually record images into digital pictures. However, video cameras were released commercially in 1994. Then different companies started producing a number of different types of cameras that could be attached to computers for photo processing. Soon, printers that were suitable for printing and could produce  photos in color were created. This day there are various digital camera models that differs in sizes and quality that a pro or a newbie can find a right camera for their purposes. Each model have different characteristics that try to cater the requirements of digital photographers.

Photography can be a very broad field to specialize in, there are many different types of photography and of top of that many different styles, photography business can be very competitive also.  Taking a photo and then getting paid for it is not an easy task, one must have a skill to be a photographer and also the right equipment to do the job correctly and get the wanted results, it takes precision and dedication to get the right picture. It doesn’t matter in which type of photography division you specialize, if you want to be a photographer and make a living by taking photos you must be creative, competent and be willing to fail but not quit until you get the perfect photo.
All I can say is that photography is about creativity and art. It is an exceptional and powerful medium of expression and communications.